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Export services




The Islamic Republic of Iran possesses oil and gas reserves, the world's third largest oil reserves, eleven percent of proven oil reserves of 130 billion barrels, and the world's second-largest gas reserves, eighteen percent of proven gas reserves, equivalent to 26 trillion cubic meters and therefore the country's largest export volume is in this area (oil and gas).

The country has been the largest producer of pistachios, saffron, caviar, barberry in the world by 2012, and after Egypt, it has been the second-largest producer of dates. The quality of processed products from Iran's agricultural industry, such as nuts, dates, honey, saffron ... have always been a concern of many international traders.

Mehr Trade Faratak Company, with regard to customer's demand and customer's needs and regarding of two goals (marketing for domestic manufacturers, as well as the pursuit and supply of orders for foreign vendee), is offering services in the field of export of petrochemical and agricultural products in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Due to the existence of online sales and sales networks, domestic and foreign vendee and purchasers can easily and directly interact with each other, but there is always a lack of confidence in getting the right conditions in the widespread win-win term. For the parties, due to lack of sufficient information regarding the information on international conditions for domestic producers and domestic market conditions of Iran for foreign buyers, the formation of trade is either very difficult or it is very complicated for both parties. Therefore, Mehr Trade Faratak, with its international recognition and experienced international partners, can fill this gap by providing solid and fair conditions, obtaining or granting domestic and international guarantees for domestic producers and foreign buyers.