Marketing and sales services

Marketing and sales

In the world of commerce, competition is cruel, and any commercial activity without initial research can lead to a loss of capital and market. Market research and analysis are the core of the business start-up and business yard and help companies to better understand the target market. In this regard, our professional team, with its partners with international records and degrees, is offering the following services:


After checking and, if approved, the marketing unit is adjusted according to the sales strategy, and after importing the first consignment, the sales unit of the company will market and distribute the product.


  • Marketing services

    1. Review of national laws and customs based on the type of goods

    2. Review the size and market of Iran for the desired product

    3. Review the demographic characteristics of the customers

    4. Examination of customer's buying and consumption patterns

    5. Customer and consumer research

    6. Review the needs, demands and expectations of customers from the products

    7. Calculation of the approximate cost of the final product until its delivery in the domestic market of Iran

    8. Introduction of domestic and foreign rivals present in the Iranian market

    9. Introducing the sample and brand of competing goods and best-selling similar products in Iran (image and price)

    10. Evaluation of the brand name, packaging and price of the product under investigation

    11. Review product features compared to competitors

    12. Calculation of the price range available in the Iranian market

    13. Introducing the threats and opportunities of presence and introduction of the product in the Iranian market

    14. Analyzing the factors affecting your product in the Iranian market

    15. Calculation of initial capital required to attend the Iranian market

    16. Doing feasibility studies of sales and its methods in the Iranian market

    17. Review distribution channels and feasibility of how to enter the product

    18. Provision of effective promotional strategies

  • sale services

    1- Setting up the sales strategies

    2. Marketing of the experimental cargo

    3- Communicating with consumers

    4- Collecting feedback

    5- Reviewing Better Sales Strategies